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You don’t need a new office; you need a new website

Web Development at ParaGuru LLC

Web development or design is not only about creating attractive layouts on a page. To us Gurus, it is a way to make people aware of the services and/or products you are offering, understand why your products are relevant and even necessary for them to buy or use, and see which of your company’s qualities sets it apart from competitors.

A successful website is compiled of three things:

  • Attracting the right kind of visitors
  • Navigating your users to the main services/products that are offered
  • Collecting clients’ contact details, aka data

Website Development at ParaGuru LLC

Clean, Validated Code

We translate complex ideas into clean code, streamlined processes, and user-friendly update forms. Content synchronization, efficiency, and extensibility are high on the agenda.

Web Standards & Accessibility

We ensure our websites comply with W3C standards and are optimized for popular browsers (Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Torch ). Our websites are fully tested before launch.

Website Performance

Retaining users is crucial to improving conversions. Slow sites have a negative impact on revenue, and the opposite is absolutely true. Our product “website” is fully configured and tested for maximum performance.

Website SEO

Ranking number 1 on Google is meaningless without proper content design and a user-friendly experience. SEO’s ultimate rule is to build a website for the user, not for the spiders.

Website Development at ParaGuru LLC

We’re in this with you, long-term…!

A website is a living thing. The day your new site goes live, is just the start.

Website Life Cycle

Website Development at ParaGuru LLC

Our advisors will help you to reach your business goals with minimum complexity.
Clarifies the project features and timeline along with all technologies used in the implementation.
We will help you to create a unique and state of the art website using all available resources.
Project cornerstone phase, which will convert your idea or business goals into practical steps.
Turn ideas to reality, based on the requirements and approved website structure.
Make sure that absolutely everything is in fine working condition.
Migrating to your own domain name. Its marketing time to promote your new website.
You will get the latest updates and our security professionals will keep your website and data safe and secure.
Features Applied To All Websites

Extraordinary High Performance

Features Applied To All Websites

SEO friendly structure (search engines will respect this site)

Features Applied To All Websites

Responsive Mobile Friendly Structure

Features Applied To All Websites

Clean and Well-Structured Code

Features Applied To All Websites

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Features Applied To All Websites

Elegant Design

Features Applied To All Websites

Resources Optimization

Features Applied To All Websites

CSS3 Animations

Features Applied To All Websites

Google Maps

Features Applied To All Websites

Media Galleries

Features Applied To All Websites

Social Media Integration

Features Applied To All Websites

Videos (Self-Hosted, Vimeo & Youtube)

Features Applied To All Websites

Easy to Use Website Back end

Features Applied To All Websites

Secured Implementation (Developed With Security In Mind)

Features Applied To All Websites

Website Documentation and Guidelines

Website Categories We Offer

Websites come in many different forms, a variety of themes and designs. While it’s clear there are more than just eight different types of websites in the world, we’ve listed the most common categories.

A business website is any website that’s devoted to representing a specific business. Encourage visitors to get in contact for more information or come to a storefront or physical location if they’re interested in becoming customers.

Ecommerce websites can be an extension of a business the client already have, or become something the client build a new business around.

Online booking website allows a potential customer to book and pay for an activity or service directly through the website or on your store front.

Online magazine or online newspaper delivered in electronic form which is formatted with the same identity to the printed version.

Portfolio websites are sites devoted to showing examples of past work. Service providers who want to show potential clients the quality of the work they provide can use a portfolio website to collect some of the best samples of past work they’ve done.

The websites of educational institutions and those offering online courses. These websites have the primary goal of providing educational materials to visitors.

Many people find value in creating personal websites to put their own thoughts out into the world. This category includes personal blogs, vlogs, and photo diaries people share with the world.

Internet real estate is the concept of publishing housing estates for sale or rent, and for consumers seeking to buy or rent a property.

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