Strategy and Planning

ParaGuru’s content copies are crafted and designed to fit your marketing purpose.

Strategy and Planning at ParaGuru LLC

Social Media

Consistency is the only way

ParaGuru creates social media strategies that lift your brand. Being consistent with your messages, your visuals, and your topics creates a persona for your social media account. Yes, the ultimate goal is to sell but if your social media is all about offers, you’re starting over every single day. A long term strategy, having a persona, and interacting with your fans are the main 3 pillars for a successful social media strategy. It’s not easy but it’s what needs to be done.

Plan ahead but stay dynamic

Having a plan in place is crucial, while being dynamic and proactive is what gets traffic spikes. By creating a mix of both we maintain your brands’ stable interaction and transaction-level while creating a buzz that spikes traffic and interactions periodically to capitalize on the dynamic market and the audiences’ purchase intent in the moment of activity.

Digital Communication

People use emails, why don’t you?

Communicating with your audience is not only through posts. We create a 360 digital strategy that integrates all types of communication methods. We utilize email marketing, we utilize SMS marketing, and we utilize blogs. If you’re not everywhere, you’re missing on many opportunities. Be there, and everywhere.

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