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Media Buying at ParaGuru LLC

Traditional Media Buying is like fishing; most Advertisers would throw their hooks into the nicest lake, sit for hours at a time, and hope for results. At ParaGuru, Digital Media Buying is more like harvesting; we transport you directly to a field of crops and you have the luxury to pick and choose whichever produce you like most. We clean up and maintain the field, plant top-quality seeds, and the rest is pure success.

Data is money!

In the world of Digital Marketing, regardless of the industry; without data, your time is being wasted your money is going down the drain. Us Gurus, we collect, store, and analyze data to make balanced, fact-based, and solid media buying decisions. We firmly believe that there is no room for subjectivity when it comes to Media Buying. We manage Digital Advertising campaigns objectively based on your audience behavior. We inspect what they do, we influence their next moves, and we wait for them at the finish line with your product in their hand.

A funnel full of influence

To persuade a customer’s decision to buy your product over your competitors, at Paraguru we lead your customer into a funnel; where we send him/her a series of messages that directs them to your product or service. We don’t believe in randomly shoving messages in their face or one main message for everyone. We provide a tailored customer journey that leads to the destination of our choice. We don’t believe in magic, we believe in simply data-driven Digital Marketing.

New installs or in-app action?

At ParaGuru, we create parallel media buying plans that utilize your in-app actions from existing users while adding more users each day to that funnel. Often, Applications keep looking for new installs and new users and forget to utilize their existing gold mine. The user you’ve already reached is more valuable that the user you’re still trying to reach. So a balanced media buying strategy is our way of increasing the value generated from every $1 spent.

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