Google Network Services

GDN & GSN services: programmatic Display, and in-running AdWords campaigns.

Google Network Services at ParaGuru LLC

We are certified by Google as Partners, so  Numbers is what we’re all about. ParaGuru excels at providing GDN & GSN services such as Programmatic Display, and In-Running AdWords Campaigns using compelling targeting techniques and tools.

Google Search

“When your consumers search  for your product/service

When a consumer is searching on Google for a product or service, it’s a must-have that you need to be on that list of search results. Google Search Advertising is a lifeline for any business since it captures customers with the highest intent. However, not everyone who searches on Google is a prospective customer, which is why keyword research, conversion tracking, and conversion optimization are essential for a successful Google Search Campaign.

Google Network Services
Google Network Services

Google Network Services

Search Engine Optimization
Google Marketing Platform

Yes organic results are more trustworthy because it shows that you work hard

Appearing on the first page of Google organically is a long and devious process that requires integrating all your marketing activities into one hub and that’s your website. Building a user-friendly website, enriching it with content, and linking it to lively content is the way to be there organically. We work on hundreds of aspects to get your website to be on the first page of Google organically and that’s why it’s trustworthy and effective.

Stay top of mind, be there for your customers throughout their consideration moments

By utilizing different campaign types and custom messages at every step, you’d be there for your customer at the moment of consideration. If you’re not there, you’re just losing customers. We manage programmatic display network campaigns to ensure your brand’s presence on top of your customers’ mind.

It’s skippable, but it sticks

Yes, your audience may skip your ads, but a reminder is all you need. When managing the YouTube advertising campaign, we spread our message to your audience across different creatives and Ad types. We utilize YouTube Skippable Ads, YouTube Bumper Ads, and even YouTube influencers to get your message through to your audience in between different content to make it more digestible and memorable.

Do you want to scale up? We know how!

ParaGuru is the only digital marketing agency in Egypt with certified individuals in managing Google Marketing Platform campaigns. If you want to scale up your media buying and your interactions, we can help you reach new heights with GMP campaign management. It’s real-time, it’s integrated, and we love it.

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