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Why do we shut our minds from knowing more about the people around us, their thoughts and
beliefs? Why do we blame them and mentally and physically attack them for being different?

Published: Feb 6, 2020 – By: Hadeer Al-Mallah

A balanced career and private life (2-minutes’ read)

Co-worker: Thursday night is just around the corner, and you know what that means! *wink wink*
Me: Go home and hug your bed in compensation for the missed hours of sleep throughout the week.

If this is what your life has come to, then you’ve got to give this a read.
It all lies within your definition of a satisfying professional life, and how much you’re willing to compromise to attain that life. For some employees, your performance at work is measured by how many tasks you check off of your work to-do list, no matter how much time or effort it will take. Other employees feel satisfied with their professional life once they have a visible and valuable outcome, which doesn’t necessarily translate to maximum performance while discarding all the other factors.
Working smart, not hard without encroaching on your personal life ought to make you more productive and motivated, with little to no stress.
Working in a place that drains you to your last bit often makes you and your peers have decreased team spirit that directly reflects on your work, especially if your work scope is concerned with creativity and innovation. A work environment that focuses on command and control rather than leadership and guidance often suffers from high employee turnover; because simply, the employees outside of work has become diminished to its last bit without having tangible growth in your personal development or career path.

A life/work balance is a simple mindset that once installed will make your whole life feel satisfying. The simple formula is, during working hours, you’re 100% is at work giving it all you have, after working hours, you’re 100% focused at making your personal life better and cheerful.

A day is 24 hours, voila! (That’s scientifically inaccurate) 8 hours are 100% work, 8 hours are 100% sleep, and 8 hours are 100% for yourself, your family and your friends. When any of these thirds takes a piece of another third, your life will be not balanced or as we call it a mess.
Cheer up, you’ve got the formula, now it’s your turn to put it to action.

Author: Hadeer Al-Mallah

Hadeer Al Mallah
Junior Content Creator

With the guy on the work side and the swing leaning towards it and the guy is crawling to the life side


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