Digital Marketing Hacks for 2020

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Published: Feb 6, 2020 – By: Hadeer Al-Mallah

Digital Marketing Hacks for 2020

With the increasing demand for businesses to do more with less, digital marketing has taken a giant leap in the past 10+ years. Marketing departments need to use tactics that will generate outputs of quality in a fraction of the time, but what are the digital marketing tactics of 2020?

Let’s unbox the latest digital marketing trends of 2020 together.

Interactive Content

From free informative content to attention-grabbing story-telling content, content has been a massive integration of the digital marketing world, but what more can we do regarding content?
On the digital web of bombarding information, little content it stands out anymore. Internet users have grown to be selective about the content they interact with; hence the increasingly important interactive content where the copies were written are customized, relevant, all of which require active engagement and are accessible by any device the user uses.

All digital marketing strategies work together to increase visibility, but PPC and SEO touch all levels of the digital marketing trifecta. Paid media is among the best ways to promote your brand and deliver your message to your target audience, while good SEO and content strategies form the controllable elements of your digital marketing strategy.

Use Smart Bidding

Google and Facebook have significantly expanded their AI-based ad targeting and bidding capabilities over the last year. Smart bidding like Google’s Target CPA is able to actively learn from past data to optimize and spend toward top-converting search queries, ad creative, audiences, and demographic segments.
If you want to stay ahead in 2020, harnessing these quick learning tools is essential.

Google Marketing Platform

GMP, Formerly Google DoubleClick, is a single platform that integrates all advertising and analytics that enables you to track and optimize Ads more effectively.
GMP is a result-oriented marketing that enables you to streamline, by the second, all your marketing activities. It’s an intelligent marketing tool that targets potential customers across all devices at the exact moment when they are mostly ready to be converted.
Google Marketing Platform is the tool by which you will centralize your workflow and reach clients.

Want to know the key benefits you’ll be getting in brief?

  • Native integration with the Google Marketing Platform allows us to manage and track digital campaigns across a single platform, enabling rich, cross-channel buying, reporting, and attribution.
  • Allows a Real-Time Bidding feature across different engines which instantly shows the bidding results and integrates conversions from different engines.
  • Has Direct Media Buying, besides having Specific Price and Bidding options, so we can reserve placements over specific Apps and placements where our audience intensively engage.
  • Placing Bulk Edits immediately across different campaigns and engines without having to edit/change each campaign separately without spending much time.
  • Integrating both online and offline conversions for a better understanding of the users’ behavior and scoring their funnels accordingly.
  • Creating Automated Rules, Ads with a CTR lower than 2% will be paused automatically, instead of tracking all the campaigns’ performance individually to pause the low performing Ads.

Unleash your full digital marketing abilities and own your industry in 2020! All you have to do is contact ParaGuru: a US-based agency. ParaGuru is an active Google Marketing Platform user and a certified Google partner agency, assuring you nothing but optimal service in the world of digital advertising.

Author: Hadeer Al-Mallah

Hadeer Al Mallah
Junior Content Creator

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