German Auto Service (GAS) was established in 1986 as an authorized service center for Mercedes-Benz passenger cars. The company is known for its qualified engineers and mechanics, all of whom have been trained both at Daimler AG in Germany and by Mercedes Benz Egypt (MBE). These engineers and mechanics play a very big role in developing our business, especially in the last three years. The company has earned a good reputation for its outstanding quality service. Since 2003, our company has always been among the top performers in the evaluation of the Mercedes-Benz service network in Egypt. Our vision is excellence in delivering high quality products and services to the level expected of a Mercedes-Benz passenger car dealer. Our mission is derived from the core Mercedes-Benz values; innovation and quality, naturally enough, as we are one of the few Mercedes-Benz authorized dealerships in Egypt. German Auto Service (GAS) is committed to creating a lasting relationship with its customers by providing a trusted high-quality service. Our company is forever striving to keep our staff and facility customer focused, elegant, continuously maintained,  and upgraded to represent the unique and timeless Mercedes-Benz corporate identity. To achieve high customer satisfaction, our company focuses on its employees needs and providing them with the proper training and motivation thereby increasing their productivity and their loyalty to both the brand and the company. Our workplace environment is friendly and employees' relationship is very similar to that of a strong and united family. This company continuously strives to standardize and improve our business processes by using a total quality management concept and innovative automated business solutions. As a result, we look forward to seeing this reflected in a high-level customer satisfaction and increased company profitability.