Ever Since we started in 1975, our mission was to improve the lives of those who are touched by our products. From a commercial agency importing work shop machinery and special steel, Contistahl expanded Using technology and innovation, and today as the sole agent of Siemens home appliances in Egypt, Contistahl is the leader on the market of kitchens carrying out several huge projects. It is this quality that we want to introduce to you, the quality of 38 years of hard work towards making your life better every day. Planning a new kitchen is something most people only do once or twice in a life time making it one of the most important decisions in the home planning. Contistahl 38 years of experience guarantees its supremacy in knowing the best for you and how unique your kitchen should be. We use our expertise and technology along with the best materials, colors, and accessories to draw your kitchen dream in real life. However, this could not have happened without the help of 500 employees that are dedicated to satisfy customer needs. In spite of that, Contistahl has another objective to go global; showing out our dreams and our philosophy.