ACE Hardware

For more than 90 years, Ace Hardware has been known as the helpful hardware store in thousands of communities across the world. Since 1924, ACE has been the world’s local home improvement store committed to delivering quality, friendly and helpful service. Ace offers a wide range of products and services that fit any budget, and make life easy for people. Ace has been ranked as “The highest in customer satisfaction among home improvement stores for the 10th consecutive year,” according to J.D. Power. With more than 5000 hardware stores locally owned and operated across the globe.  

The Challenge

ACE Hardware entered the Egyptian market less than two years ago and the situation was:


  • ACE Hardware Egypt’s website was not live
  • No Google Adwords Strategy
  • Weak online presence on Facebook and had no online presence on Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn
  • Weak user engagement strategy
  • Low brand awareness
  • Absence of B2B marketing strategy


  • Absence of any offline strategy


The Key Solutions

E-commerce Store Creation:

We created an e-commerce store for Ace Hardware with 4000+ products displayed and it was live within a month. We also focused on B2B marketing within the website structure.

Content Creation:

We researched their products, collected product description, size, weight, and image from various online sources including manufacturers’ websites and Ace US store. Then, we uploaded the content to the e-commerce store.

Google My Business:

We created and verified ACE’s Google my business account and information so that their store can appear on Google Map.

Google Search Campaign:

We created a general Google Search campaign for ACE’s main categories, for branding and awareness purpose, so customers can know what the retail store offer. Then, we created a dynamic search campaign based on every product on the website so whenever a customer is searching for a specific item they would find Ace’s online store as one of the easiest options on Google’s search results and they can go directly to the product’s page and purchase the item.


Google Display Network:

We created more than 20 Google Display campaigns targeting different market segments 

and different interests. First, we started with general designs for each category so that every targeted segment would see an Ad with the products of the category based on their interest. The main objective for first campaign was awareness and branding and to create interest in visiting both the online and offline stores.

Then, we created different designs focusing on special offers and specific products to create interest in the product that will lead to interest in the whole store or a visit to the store which increased Ace’s overall online and foot traffic to every store.

Finally, we reached our targeted segment of 35+ Million Impressions using top placements according to the audience’s interests.


Social Media Strategy:

  • We started working on ACE’s Facebook page, created an Instagram account, and a YouTube channel. We started optimizing the online social community and started targeting both, organic and paid posts, by interest and market segment so not all posts would appear to everyone. We also created different campaigns for each category with different demographics and interest, and that’s how we started reaching the right audience, improving their engagement rates and interaction percentages dramatically.
  • We also started improving the social media presence on two different phases; first phase focused on branding and awareness and the second phase focused on products and interest.

  • Our strategy has shifted from posting regularly in order to increase awareness to working creatively in order to strengthen the brand’s image.
  • We have designed over 1000 static posts, 60 animated videos, and 100 GIFS.
  • We have created a fully detailed script for social media moderation to tackle all of the FAQs in order to enhance the response rate and time, whilst seeking customer satisfaction.
  • Using this strategy, the Facebook page fan growth rate increased by 234% with 117,000 active fans and 25+ Million Impressions.





Branding Designs Sample



Motion Graphics Video Sample


  • We have been designing labs, light boxes and billboards for ACE during the year.
  • We shot their 1st commercials videos at Sheraton stores.
  • We created a 360 virtual tour video for the Shorouk store.
  • We created the interior design for the Shorouk store.
  • We designed 4 pamphlets; Grand opening, Easter, Ramadan and Eid Al-Adha.
  • We designed all of their promotional flyers.
  • We provided them with giveaways for different occasions.
  • Currently we are working on the grand opening for their third store in Egypt.


Other Promotional material design samples



360 photo-shoot for the Shorouk store


(Mobile Marketing) SMS Campaigns:

While the new ACE Shorouk Store was opening we launched a location based SMS campaign targeting all potential customers entering Sky Mall Al Shorouk where Ace’s new store was located. The campaign covered a 500 meters radius around the mall and main land marks in the city.

The campaign increased the store’s foot traffic dramatically focusing on customers nearby the new store. We have been creating various SMS campaigns for various occasions, like promotions, new arrivals or even feasts, along the year.



ACE Hardware Egypt’s Campaign Report (10 months period)

Campaign Impressions Interactions Interaction Rate
Display Campaign 27,199,958 61,360 0.26%
Video Campaign 776,947 95,012 12.24%
Search Campaign 88,168 8,984 10.47%
Facebook & Instagram Campaigns 23,652,860 773,632 4.29%
Total 51,717,933 938,988 2.34%