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The coach most likely can’t be the CEO

By Amr Adel, Published on

I once overhead someone saying that “Most entrepreneurs fail” and then, it clicked to me that it is true! From a business perspective, based on everything I have learned & based on the practical experience that I have gained throughout my ten years of operation in the Egyptian and American market, that coaches, sales people, creative
curators and others with similar job positions, who decide to run their own business, usually fail massively. It is because coaching, selling or even creating solely, doesn’t solve all business challenges. Hence, the coach most likely can’t be the CEO.

A very high percentage of entrepreneurs ignore the fact that running a business is not only about the idea or even getting revenue, it is about execution, it’s about adequate financial knowledge, cash flow, time management, business structure, core values, persistence and managing the business. It is about being able to make even the hardest decision and taking the risks wisely.

To make this article beneficial, we are summing up the most important factors to run a successful business; the right mindset, the right business idea, competition, capital, an awesome team, the right timing, networking, adaptability, integrity, competence and customer loyalty.


just hire a CEO and you be the idea.