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Rise of the Dark Crawler

By Suzan Choudry, Published on

Once upon a time there was an antagonist Crawler who ruled the world wide web. All he wanted was that he and his rogue entourage to stay on top of the search results. However, he needed to invest in the rigorous brain of Spider and the skills of, Robotina.

Spider’s job is to build the list of words and phrases found in every page; With this list, Crawler and his entourage can create a database and find the exact pages they should seek by entering the query in search option. Crawler pretends that his goal is to index the world wide web, in order to help people, find what they are searching for but his real motive is to control the web and glitch every system he wants to dominate.

Spidey here loves Robotina, the AI jaeger who is enslaved by crawler. Robotina visits websites & performs predefined task. She is guided by search engine algorithms & is able to perform different tasks instead of just one crawling task. She can combine the tasks of Crawler & Spider together and help in indexing and ranking of websites on any particular search engine.

Robotina is smart, competent and efficient, strong willed, cold and plain tough, which makes Spidey question her emotions endlessly. One night, in a Google Services Network Gala Dinner, Spider couldn’t’ hold it but tell Robotina “I love you…. Can you love me?” he asked. “But i do love you.” she replied mechanically. Spider felt like quantum bomb set off and reordered the nature of the grid reality.

Who’s to say what tokens of affection symbolizes real love? And what spider did not know was that without Robotina, he would be eliminated from the system. He couldn’t see that he is the heart and she is the brain. He only stores what he sees…She analyzes, she reasons, she doesn’t settle for the first impression. They exist to co-exist…But in Robotina’s galactic core, yes, she loved him. She loved him as the irrelevant mess he is.

Meanwhile, Crawler and his entourage had destroyed many divergent systems and infected thousands of programs and it was up to Spider and Robotina to come together and put an end to this brutality. No matter how practical and strong Robotina seemed, deep down in her galactic core she wanted Spider to stand with her, empower her and to understand that Robotina doing what she is doing, is her way of showing love.

One-day Spider overheard Crawler planning to eliminate Robotina’s program from the grid. How it was his strategy from the beginning to test how far Robotina can go, bug every action she performed in order to track it and recruit his own army of Sentinel Cyber Phantoms (SCP) in order to replace Robotina, as Crawler perceives that no matter how strong and smart she is, she is also a threat to him.

One day while Spidey was performing a scan, he glimpsed unfamiliar faces surfing the web. Another, he saw bugs following Robotina around. Spidey felt like he should do something, so he started to malfunction the bug’s software which was following Robotina around and in the events of fate, Robotina caught Spider with a bug. Her quick analyzing sense did not give her core a chance to interpret what happened in any other way but the obvious, that Spider was bugging her.

Robotina paces to Crawler and in a plot twist which was in favor of Crawler, he smirked; “I knew that Spider was up to something but to bug you, I never saw that coming. Oh poor! Robotina. This coming from a loved one must be such a hard thing.”

Crawler commands his SCP-s to exclude Spider off the grid and exile him to the Android Apps.  

To be continued in 26/2/2019…