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“It is in your hand to create a better world for all who live in it.”

By Suzan Choudry, Published on

Why do we shut our minds from knowing more about the people around us, their thoughts and
beliefs? Why do we blame them and mentally and physically attack them for being different?
Why does the sense of absolute power and knowledge give us the right to dehumanize anyone?
Why do we need to give people validation to feel good about their fate? After all, we are just
humans. We are just one species.

We need to understand that unity is diversity. Diversity is energy and when we happen to
produce and consume more energy for the sake of what’s good for humanity, this energy
creates potential which makes humans more open minded, more cooperative and more
peaceful. With more energy humans can grow like non compos mentis, they develop and they
learn how to live in harmony. We live in a limitless world, which has granted us the right to live
free and equal, giving us the chance to learn from one another.

Human beings tend to change and we change because the principle of human identity lies in
this continuous self-redefinition but we should do it only for what is better for us and for
humanity. Whatever steps we take forward should not take our humanity backwards and we
should always see the world from two perspectives, from our perspective and from others’.