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A Confession

By Suzan Choudry, Published on

My manager once told me that sometimes you have to toughen up while managing people because tough decisions are inevitable and being emotional the whole time, won’t help. But……I learned it the hard way and I hate telling him that he was right so I am writing this blog as a confession.

The journey is nasty but there are goals you need to strive for. When you are leading a team, you have responsibilities; responsibilities that incorporate both praise and criticism. And to properly manage a business you must do both and follow some other basic rules; Maintaining order and productivity, noticing the things that needs to be done/improved and ensure that the team accomplishes their tasks and are satisfied with what they receive.

Playing good cop the whole time and never toughing up is not really helping them, it is only pleasing them and twisting the truth will only render their growth and improvement. So it’s ok for them to hate you for a while as long as there is a positive impact on the long run. They will hate you, but they will hate you for the greater good. The point is to get things done in ways that enhances rather than destroys their dignity and pride and to sustain a high level of both performance and empathy.